Definitions for "Nina"
A goddess of the watery deep and daughter of Ea.
the Babylonian goddess of the watery deep and daughter of Ea
Nina is an opera in two acts by Giovanni Paisiello to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Lorenzi and Giuseppe Carpani, based on the libretto by Benoit-Joseph Marsollier. First performance: Caserta, San Leucio, 1789.
Ninoscka Gwiazdoń (born 1963) is the self-proclaimed "Poetiza del Sexo (Spanish: "Sex Poet") of the Mission".
Nina is a Spanish singer turned television personality. In 1989, she represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Nacida Amar, and in 2001, she became the headmistress of the very successful Spanish reality TV show Operación Triunfo. After the 3rd series, she stepped down, and was replaced by Kike Santander.
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a classmate of Ayu
Nina (ニーナ Japanese) is one of the recurring characters in the Breath of Fire series, much like Ryu. She is a different character in every game, but she is always a magic user with wings and blond hair, and often the princess of her people. She is often one of the earliest characters to join Ryu.
Nina is a fictional character from Suikoden II. When she first appears in the game, she is a student at Greenhill University. Nina is irritated that the Highland army has occupied Greenhill, and is bullying a Highland soldier when Riou and his party first see her.
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nickname for Pernina
a licensed architect practicing with Michael Rex Associates in Sausalito , CA
No Income No Asset. A documentation option eligible on select non-conforming loan programs. The borrower's employment, income, or assets are not disclosed anywhere in the loan application or verified during the approval process. Some lenders have been known to verify employment under this documentation.
This is a type of loan documentation used when borrower's do not wish to disclose income or assets, usually due to the complexity of the borrowers income.
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a solo model
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1. (n) term to politely address to a woman, Ms. 2. little girl
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a given name