Definitions for "nms "
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nms is a set of drop-in replacements for the CGI scripts found at Matt's Script Archive. They have been developed from the ground up to emulate their behavior, but in many cases are better written and more secure. The collection includes form mail, guest book, simple search, and counter scripts.
nms is a set of simple CGI scripts that are offered as a replacement for the scripts in Matt's Script Archive.
Network Management System. That system which allows a provider or end user to manage portions or all of a telecommunications network; in xDSL, network management systems allow providers to control and monitor those services based on the ADSL streams, at both the physical and logical layers of the services.
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atural icro ystems Corporation.
Nanomanufacturing Sciences
singular masculine noun nom masculin singulier
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
National Meteorological Service
National Matching Services for osteopathic match.
The Normalized Message Service is the infrastructure for transporting data and messages of different types in a standard way, to their appropriate interfaces and adapters.