Definitions for "NOM"
The Mexican standards testing agency similar to UL.
a mandatory Mexican standard, generally imposed for health and safety reasons
Norma Oficial Mexicana. The official number assigned by the government to each tequila distillery, identifying which company made or bottled tequila.
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the nickname an NPL member chooses to be known by in the League. An ancient shortening of nom de plume. Link to Membership article.
National Organization Member. A member nation of Junior Chamber International.
natural organic matter (mostly from plant and animal tissue decay) present most often in surface water sources and contaminated groundwater. Colored water usually has high concentrations of NOM.
Natural organic matter. Usually responsible for any brown discolouration in water.
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boolean value, the opposite of YES. 0 is read as NO. See also FALSE.
Number of Open Microphones. Refers to the effect that each time an additional microphone is turned on and is able to pick up the same sound source, the combined signal strength is increased by 3dB. Therefore, the overall gain must be turned down to compensate and reduce the possibility of feedback.
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New Operating Model