Definitions for "Nominee Name"
A certificate registration in the name of a partnership acting in a fiduciary capacity. This form of registration is useful to facilitate delivery of certificates that would otherwise require supporting documentation.
The registered name issued by the Comptroller of the Currency into which a bank or a trust company registers the securities it holds as an investment agent for its trust department portfolios, thereby facilitating a good delivery to brokers at time of sale or exchange.
Name in which security is registered and held in trust on behalf of the beneficial owner.
An unconnected third party used by an investment manager who is responsible for the safe custody of members investments. Open Market Option A type of annuity, purchased by a member at their pension date, from the open market, instead of with the pension provider. Personal Pension ( Approved Personal Pension, Appropriate Personal Pension) A pension scheme approved by the Inland Revenue.
Non Discretionary Proposal Non Equity Option