Definitions for "Non-repudiation"
Keywords:  repudiate, deny, sender, took, proof
Strong and substantial evidence of the identity of the signer of a message and of message integrity, sufficient to prevent a party from successfully denying the origin, submission or delivery of the message and the integrity of its contents.
The condition whereby the sender of a message cannot deny the validity of the result of the process used to authenticate the data.
A process set up to ensure that the sender cannot disavow a message
The inability to declare unenforceable and refuse to comply with a legally valid and non-revocable contract.
Provides for a person to not be able to refuse or acknowledge a debt or contract.
In cryptography, the ability to prove that a given digital signature was produced with a given entity's private key.
Public key infrastructure, public key cryptography: see encryption
Preventing the denial of previous commitments or actions.