Definitions for "nonlinear"
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Not depictable graphically as a straight line; not changing by a constant amount for each unit of time, distance, or other independent variable. Opposite of linear.
Containing variables of greater than the first degree; -- of an equation. Opposite of linear.
Represented by equations containing variables of greater than the first degree; -- of physical processes or relationships. Opposite of linear.
In the arts, the word nonlinear is used to describe events portrayed in a non-chronological manner. This technique is often used to mimic the structure and recall of human memory, but it has been applied for other reasons as well. Nonlinearity is very common in film.
Not having a one-to-one direct proportional relationship between input and output.
A product or process that exhibits an uneven distribution, or wide variations in terms of quantity and timing.
A relationship between numerical quantities is called nonlinear if there is not a constant proportion relating changes in one quantity to changes in the other. Exponential growth, as occurs when compounding interest over time, is an example of a nonlinear relationship.
A game in which no order (or very limited order) is assigned to the goals needed to complete the game. Generally found in the action adventure genre, nonlinear gameplay allows you to move a character anywhere you want in a given environment and react to it however you wish. In this type of gameplay there are often many ways to complete a goal or level.
indexed, seekable, capable of being randomly positioned Detailed description
Pertaining to instantaneous random access and manipulation of any frame of material on any track and on any layer of an edit sequence.
A term used for editing and storage of audio, video and other data. Information (footage, for example) is retrievable and processed almost immediately without having to locate it in a traditional time-line format.
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(adj) Not lying on the same straight line.