Definitions for "Nonlinear Editing"
editing videotape in a digital computer. The original footage is played by a VCR and digitized. Using computer programs the digitized footage is manipulated into the desired program. The finished program is laid off onto a master. The master is duplicated for distribution
A type of editing in which you do not need to assemble the program from beginning to end. The nature of the medium and the technical process of manipulating that medium do not dictate how the material must be physically ordered. You can use nonlinear editing for traditional film cutting and splicing, and for digitized video images. You can make changes at the beginning, middle, or end of the sequence.
Digital "random access" editing that uses a hard drive instead of tape to store images. Random access allows easy arrangement of scenes in any order. Also eliminates the need for rewinding and allows for multiple dubs without generation loss.