Definitions for "Digital Video Recorder"
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DVR lets you record movies from a v4l interface, under Linux. It is based on avifile and can compress data in a variety of formats, such as Divx;-) or Indeo. Sound is recorded in the same time in mp3 or PCM. Its GUI is built with Qt. With StreamFactory y
A special computer that converts analog computer images to digital images, compresses the images, and then stores them for later viewing. A DVR replaces the time-lapse VCR, multiplexor and switch found in analog CCTV surveillance systems.
Device that records TV shows without tape. A DVR lets you pause and replay live television and, when used with a program guide service such as TiVo®, can find and record shows automatically. Also sometimes called a hard disk video recorder or "personal video recorder" (PVR).
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