Definitions for "Offline Editing"
Generally refers to the process of editing the majority of one's program at low resolution, either to save on equipment costs or to conserve hard disk space. When the edit is finished, the material can be recaptured at high quality, or an EDL can be made to recreate the edit on another system.
Offline editing equipment allows fast and simple editing of video materials by using low-quality copies of high-quality videotape. Time on online editing equipment is extremely expensive. So an editor will typically edit a project offline and, when finished, output an Edit Decision List. This EDL is then taken, along with the high-quality original tapes, to an online editing system which uses the EDL to quickly and automatically cut together a broadcast-quality version of the piece.
A method of video editing where a downgraded, or browse copy of the original content is first edited and an EDL generated. The EDL is later used in online editing to produce a master edit from the original material.