Definitions for "NUCLEATION"
Keywords:  grafting, mantle, mollusk, pearl, bead
Also termed grafting or implantation. Process of inserting a hard bead nucleus or piece of soft mantle tissue into a mollusc body or mantle of the mollusc.The nucleus or mantle tissue serves as the 'seed' to irritate the mollusc to produce a pearl.
The process of nucleating a mollusk to produce a pearl. Also termed as grafting or implantation, nucleation requires the human insertion of either a hard bead nucleus or soft mantle tissue into either the body of a mollusk or the mantle tissue of a mollusk. The hard bead nucleus or soft mantle tissue serves as a "seed" or "irritant" to produce a cultured pearl.
See grafting.
The formation of ice crystals on foreign surfaces or as a result of the growth of water clusters.
Critical stage in the process of the assembly of a polymer at which a small cluster of monomers aggregates in the correct arrangement to initiate rapid polymerization; more generally, the rate-limiting step in an assembly process.
the replating step in which a catalytic material, often a palladium or gold compound, is absorbed on a surface to act as sites for initial stages of deposition.