Definitions for "ODM"
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Operational Data Model
original design manufacturing. See also original brand manufacturing (OBM) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM).
Original design manufacturing. a business model which focuses on design rather than on branding ( original brand manufacturing—OBM) or manufacturing ( original equipment manufacturing— OEM).
Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio
Object Data Manager. A data manager intended for the storage of system data. The ODM is used for many system management functions. Information used in many commands and SMIT functions is stored and maintained in the ODM as objects with associated characteristics.
Object Database Manager.
Object Data Manager. In AIX, a hierarchical object-oriented database for configuration data.
Outside dimension male.
Outside draw mobiles. Horses which are required to requalify before competing again in registered races, may also be excluded from the barrier draw for future events and classified ODM, which means it will automatically be drawn in an outside barrier (such as barrier ten off the second row). A trainer may also request that a horse be declared ODM if they believe it is in the best interests of the horse and other runners.