Definitions for "off-line"
Not connected; -- of computers or computer peripherals normally connected or intended to be connected to other computers by a communications line; as, we can't print the document because the printer is off-line.
Outside of or after a meeting or formal discussion; as, we can discuss the details off-line; -- a term used at meetings and conferences to suggest postponing detailed discussion of a topic so as not to occupy the time of a large group most of whom may not be interested.
When your computer is not connected to another BBS.
Action taken other than on the system
A condition when the computerized system goes down and the back up system is utilized to continue processing data, e.g., register system, printing invoices.
A term used in computerized information retrieval where computer data results are retrieved and printed after a search has been completed.
Access to information by mail, telephone, facsimile, or other non- direct interface. Source: EPO.
Refers to media that are not mounted on the system currently. Usually tapes.
usually refers to data storage not permanently accessible by the computer, such as magnetic tapes
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To print at a separate time on a different press. Often used in reference to varnish. Also referred to as separate pass.
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Not online.
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A state used to identify that a device is not in operation.