Definitions for "Optical Fibre"
Constructed using glass, and now fast replacing copper cables, as the medium of transmission of electronic information, particularly in high traffic applications. Unlike copper, optical fibre uses light pulses for transmission and can only transmit information in a digital form.
A transmission medium in the form of fibre made of optical glass, which conveys coherent light on which digital signals are modulated.
provides a high bandwidth alternative to copper wire for transmitting data. Information is translated in light pulses which can be transmitted over optical fibre with little to no signal loss. A number of optical fibre technologies exist – cheaper technologies provide high bandwidth over relatively short distances suitable for LAN s, campus networks and so called Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) while more expensive technologies are used by telecom network providers, over extremely long distances. Operating system – The term applied to the software which provides the majority of services when a computer is running – memory management, input (keyboard/mouse) handling, output (screen and printer) etc. Examples include MS-DOS, Windows 95, and Unix.