Definitions for "Organoleptic"
Keywords:  taster, taste, smell, perception, sense
Making an impression upon an organ; plastic; -- said of the effect or impression produced by any substance on the organs of touch, taste, or smell, and also on the organism as a whole.
(or-gan-o-lep'-tic) Examination with the senses as opposed to a chemical or physical exam. This is the highest form of wine tasting. An expert must be able to taste the wine and have a good idea of what it is, and more importantly, what it should be. A laboratory analysis can aid the winemaker in determining if the wine has finished a particularly stage, or needs to be adjusted, but only a taster can determine quality and marketability.
capable of receiving a sense impression. Organoleptic inspections are based on sensory perceptions (e.g., fish smells fresh or spoiled).