Definitions for "Ortho"
also Greater Hibernia or Greater Ireland; between Prime and Meta
Substituents which are ortho to each other are next to each other. Commonly used to assign a position on an phenyl ring, relative to a substituent () (bear in mind this 'substituent' could actually be the rest of the molecule!);
Describing the relationship between two groups attached to carbon atoms on a benzene-like ring that have no carbon atoms between them.
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Zero (0) degrees horizontal; a command included in design software to set an image to a "perfect" horizontal level.
Orthoscopic. A 4-element eyepiece design, sometimes referred to as an Abbe design after its inventor, the great German optical designer Ernst Abbe who created the design in 1880 (and subsequently became a partner in the Carl Zeiss Optical Works). In high-power focal lengths an ortho provides an excellent view for planetary observing, at a reasonable price.
Combining form meaning straight, normal, correct, etc.
in botany, straight
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For persons who wear braces (orthodontic devices)
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to do with bones
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See Orthodontics.