Definitions for "Overrun"
To run over; to grow or spread over in excess; to invade and occupy; to take possession of; as, the vine overran its trellis; the farm is overrun with witch grass.
To run, pass, spread, or flow over or by something; to be beyond, or in excess.
When you run so much, you feel like you're going to pass out! Also known as copies that exceed what you originally planned.
Producing more paper or output than ordered. Many organizations have a standard on what is considered an acceptable amount of underrun or overrun. See underrun.
Due to machine speeds and/or set-up losses overruns and underruns are unavoidable on making orders. Percent over or under varies with size of order (Percentage is lower on high runs).
the condition occurring when the rate at which data is read from tape exceeds the rate at which the host system can transfer data from the tape drive controller ... when the buffer is full, the tape drive must stop reading, empty the buffer, reposition the read head with respect to the last data read, and resume reading ... this time consuming task reduces overall system data transfer ... see also "underrun" and "buffer"
invade in great numbers; "the roaches infested our kitchen"
occupy in large numbers or live on a host; "the Kudzu plant infests much of the South and is spreading to the North"
(often followed by `with' or used in combination) troubled by or encroached upon in large numbers; "waters infested with sharks"; "shark-infested waters"; "the locust-overrun countryside"; "drug-plagued streets"
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To exceed in distance or speed of running; to go beyond or pass in running.
To go beyond; to extend in part beyond; as, one line overruns another in length.
To extend beyond its due or desired length; as, a line, or advertisement, overruns.
An attack in overwhelming strength made by units in travel formation rather than deployed for combat. For instance, a platoon of tanks might be capable of overruning infantry manning a roadblock.
An attack action in which the attacker attempts to charge past or over an opponent. An overrun takes place during the movement portion of a charge. To attempt this, the attacker must move at least 10 feet in a straight line into the defender’s space, provoking attacks of opportunity normally. Then the defender chooses either to avoid or to block the attacker. In the former case, the attacker keeps moving. In the latter case, the attacker makes a trip attack. If the trip succeeds, the attacker can continue past in a straight line. Otherwise, the defender can try to trip the attacker. If this is successful, the attacker is prone in the defender’s space. If it fails, the attacker must move 5 feet straight backward. (If that space is occupied, the attacker falls prone in that space.) The defender in an overrun may be up to one size category larger than the attacker. Only one overrun attempt may be made per action.
Overshooting Oversubscribed issue
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To abuse or oppress, as if by treading upon.
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When a coaster train goes past the station without stopping completely. Most likely to happen on an older coaster with manual brakes. Not a dangerous situation, and gets you another ride without lining up again.
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The percentage of air churned into ice cream. A 100 percent overrun means that the final product will be 50 percent air.
too much production or more than expected
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A condition in which data is lost because the receiving device is not able to accept data at the rate it is transmitted.
The loss of data because a receiving device is unable to accept data at the rate it is transmitted.
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Overrun is a board game for 2 up to 4 players.
This is an error message that indicates that there was device-level problem, typically with trigger pulses occurring faster than the board can handle.
continue an auditing process or a series of processes past the point of completion.
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see renewal paper.
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To carry over, or back, as type, from one line or page into the next after, or next before.
To extend the contents of (a line, column, or page) into the next line, column, or page.