Definitions for "Oxidize"
To combine with oxygen, or subject to the action of oxygen, or of an oxidizing agent.
To combine with oxygen or with more oxygen; to add oxygen to; as, to oxidize nitrous acid so as to form nitric acid.
To remove hydrogen from (anything), as by the action of oxygen; as, to oxidize alcohol so as to form aldehyde.
(Oxidation) - a chemical process used to remove undesirable organic & inorganic compounds from pool water.
To degrade a compound through exposure to air (causes electron loss).
To "burn-out" undesirable solids, color and odors.
Property exhibited in certain minerals that cause them to tarnish, or discolor upon contact with air. Also term used to describe the chemical alteration of one mineral into another mineral through oxidation.
to cover with a coating of oxide by chemical reaction, used on metals to produce different finishes (see patina).
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To form an oxide.
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See Oxidation.