Definitions for "Anaërobic"
Not requiring air or oxygen for life; -- applied especially to those microbes to which free oxygen is unnecessary; anaërobiotic; -- opposed to aërobic.
Relating to, or like, anaërobies; anaërobiotic.
Although many organisms and biologic process need oxygen, some do not. The ones that don't are called anaerobic. (The ones that do are called aerobic.) The process of photosynthesis, for example, does not need oxygen in order to take place.
Hepatitis Paralysis
Hepatitis Protozoan
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Fibrin Photocoagulation
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Hematology Protozoa
Glomerulonephritis Protease
Galactokinase Prevalence
Endogenous Photosensitivity
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Gestation Pharmacists
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Fibrosis Posterior
Antagonist Muscle Anti-Catabolism
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Gelatin Potassium
Gastrointestinal Poisoning
Condition under which reductive conditions prevail. See also redox potential.
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Lactic acid fermentation
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