Definitions for "PAG"
Policy Advisory Group. a standing committee with broad representation from academic and administrative units, responsible for assisting in the formulation and review of campuswide policies and procedures.
Preservation Advisory Group (UC)
Pensions Action Group
Pag is the largest town on the island of Pag, with a population of 3,121 (2005), located at . Whole municipality has a population of 5 100.
Pag (Latin Pagus, village, Italian Pago) is an island in northern Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Croatia. It is the fifth largest island on the Croatian coast, and the one with the longest coastline.
Potential Acoustic Gain is the calculated gain that a sound system can achieve at or just below the point of feedback.
Potential Acoustic Gain. How much you can raise the level of a sound system in a free field (ex., outdoors, no reflections) without getting feedback.
A region of the midbrain called the perioqueductal gray, or PAG for short, that is involved in sensing pain. When PAG neurons are active, a neural gate is closed and consequently the sensation of pain is diminished.
PUBLIC AFFAIRS GUIDANCE. Specific guidance issued by OASD-PA or subordinate commands for major military exercises and contingencies. PAG supplements or clarifies published doctrine.
Page number. The page is identified by a fileid:page combination, where fileid is the fileid in the sysfiles table, and page is the logical page number within that file.
Protective Action Guide. a guide that tells state and local authorities at what projected dose they should take action to protect people from exposure to unplanned releases of radioactive material into the environment.
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