Definitions for "Papa"
A child's word for father.
an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk
Papa–Love Forever was an 18-episode Korean drama shown by KBS in 1996.
Designator for the letter "P" in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
military phonetic for the letter 'P'
Military phonetic term for the latter P
a fantastic trip from the wild horizons of the Central Asia where tradition and superstition are confronted with the chaos of the post-modern world
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(Sp., Q.) Potato ( Solanum spp.).
in insects with complete metamorphosis, the life stage between larva and adult; the next to the last developmental stage in thrips, male scales, and whiteflies.
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Evil, sin, or misfortune, including both natural and moral evil. Synonym of adharma.
Platform Agnostic Publishing API. A platform independent publishing API framework, including modules for caching, fault tolerance, value added calculations, administrative controls, etc. PAPA provides the publishing framework for the feed handlers and other Wombat heavyweight publishers.
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maize porridge, staple food
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Poppa ( language=Fran├žais)
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bad merit or bad karma.
Callsign suffix for positioning of flight
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flat lava flow, pahoehoe
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A parish priest in the Greek Church.
Maori earth-goddess
formally recognised as ' Papatuanuku' - earth mother