Definitions for "Pass-through"
A countertop or other surface that is open to two rooms, such as the kitchen and dining room, allowing items to be conveniently passed from one room to the other.
Opening in the wall between the kitchen and dining area that is used to pass dishes.
Sole proprietorships, partnerships and LLCs are pass-through entities for federal income tax purposes. This means that these three entities are not subject to income tax; rather, the owners are directly taxed individually on the income, taking into account their share of the profits and losses.
A term applicable to certain tax treatment. In S Corporations and many LLCs, taxable gains and losses are not paid at the company level but are passed through to the owners on a pro-rata basis. The owner then includes his/her share of the gains or losses on the personal tax return. In this way, there is no danger of "double taxation."
Payments on securities sold in the secondary market that are send directly to investors.
security representing pooled debt obligations, that passes income from debtors to its shareholders. The most common type is the mortgage-backed certificate.
a security representing pooled debt obligations repackaged as shares
This is optional. The setup must be a pass-through installation if using any of the following: 1) UNIX server that cannot run CGI scripts, 2) NT server without third party software, 3) .htaccess. Members are authenticated through CCBill and then passed through to a URL on your site. CCBill recommends that you rename the \"members\" area every two days. Otherwise, subscribers may bookmark and access areas because there is no password protection.
A configuration of BizTalk Server ports such that a receive port is directly connected to a send port by using only one filter expression on a send port. The filter expression should take the form BTS.ReceivePortName == "Name or receive port". In this configuration, any message that is received by the receive port is directly routed to a send port. The meaning of pass-through execution in BizTalk 2004 is different from the meaning of pass-through execution in BizTalk Server 2000 or 2002. In BizTalk Server 2004, the pass-through execution message is still processed in pipelines and may be transformed in ports as well.
See port mapping.
a translation path which is only large enough to permit passage by an IVA clothed crewmember with his or her long axis in the direction of travel
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Annual increases in operating costs that are passed along to tenant in a gross lease.
Expenses or a portion of expenses associated with tenancy that are "passed through" from the landlord to the tenant who then pays them.
The extent to which an exchange rate change is reflected in the prices of imported goods. With full pass-through, a currency depreciation, which increases the price of foreign currency, would increase the prices of imported goods by the same amount, and vice versa. With no pass-through, prices of imports remain constant. See pricing to market.
In this document, means the increase in the price for which a product is sold, resulting from the application of the carbon tax.
an adapter that allows you to connect the cable to the network outlet