Definitions for "Patriarchal"
Having an organization of society and government in which the head of the family exercises authority over all its generations.
A system of social, economic, political and legal relationships in which the father is the head of the family and the entire household depends on him. In this system the condition of women is usually one of submission. Most well-known ancient societies were strongly patriarchal.
1. Rule of a senior male over an extended family or tribe. 2. Male dominated political state characterized by a high degree of occupational specialization, commerce, social stratification, and warfare.
Characteristic of a patriarch; venerable.
characteristic of a patriarchy
Of or pertaining to a patriarch or to patriarchs; possessed by, or subject to, patriarchs; as, patriarchal authority or jurisdiction; a patriarchal see; a patriarchal church.
A societal construct in which men possess greater power in relationship to influence, money and privilege than women.