Definitions for "Photopolymer"
Plate material that is photosensitive and upon exposure, its compounds polymerize to form a tough, abrasion resistant surface which becomes the inking media.
A specialized plastic with photosensitive coating which is masked and photoetched to create tactile graphics. Used primarily for A.D.A. signage requiring tactile copy and Braille.
A light sensitive high molecular weight compound consisting of up to millions of repeated linked units. Photopolymer material is used to make printing plates via negatives and computer generated images.
A type of hologram characterized typically by a greenish or amber tint. These holograms are generally brighter and clearer than any other hologram technology, and they also exhibit excellent 3D depth and projection qualities. Photopolymer holograms are generally less expensive to master, but more expensive to replicate than embossed holograms.(empty)(empty) Silk-Screening Process by which text, graphics, etc. is printed on top of a holographic image and allows for PMS color matching.