Definitions for "PIE CHART"
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The Pie Chart tells you how much you gained on your investment from the time you bought the fund until you sold it."Profit After Fees" tells you how much profit you get to keep, after you pay the fees."Total Fees" tells you what you paid in fees and other charges."Lost Profit Potential" tells you what you could have earned if the money you paid for fees and other charges had been invested instead. Two points to remember - other investments may also charge fees, and fees and expenses are only one factor to consider when choosing to invest in a mutual fund. If you are concerned about the impact of foregone earnings on the value of your investment - one thing you can do is negotiate a lower sales charge.
Pie charts show the proportions of parts to a whole.
Diagram where statistical information is displayed as proportionately sized ‘slices' of what appears to be a circular ‘cake' or ‘pie' shape. Comparison should be by area, not width.
a good way of showing the constituent parts of a variable
a tool that helps you visualise the relative importance of several categories of a variable
a way of summarising a set of categorical data
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a collection of pie segments
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Shows the relationship of items that make up data series to the sum of the items.