Definitions for "Point count"
Keywords:  rook, priceless, pawn, knight, bishop
A method of hand evaluation which places a numeric value on the strength of a hand, used as a guideline in bidding.
A method used by card counters to calculate the net value in the end of a hand.
A system of figuring out the worth of the pieces by giving each of them a numerical value. King--priceless; Queen--9 points; Rook--5 points; Bishop--3 points; Knight--3 points; pawn--1 point. The flaw in the system is that it does not take into account other factors (such as position, tactics, etc.) that often drastically change the relative value of an individual piece.
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a tally of all birds detected by sight and sound by a single observer located at a fixed position during a specified period of time (i
a tally of all birds detected by sight or sound by a single observer from a fixed station during a specified time period