Definitions for "Postmodern"
As an artistic movement, this is characterized by art which celebrates its own lack of specific and unitary authorship. Postmodern art emphasizes that meaning is created by the reader and the culture, not by the absolute rule of a single author. This brings up interesting issues of what would constitute postmodernism in RPGs. References: Hackmaster: The Postmodern RPG Postmodern? Huh
Style of art (c.1970-current) which self-consciously borrows various compositional elements from great works of the past and rearranges them in new combinations, often with a distinctive neoclassical flavor.
A wide-ranging term describing certain post-World War II artistic works, characterized by nonlinearity, self-referentiality if not self-parody, and multiple/simultaneous sensory impressions.
Also referred to as postmod. Postmodern is constructing or resurrecting the stories and voices of those excluded, marginalized, and exploited in the modernist project. Postmod can be affirmative in the assumption that exploitation can be countered by more enlightened and empowering administrative and human relations practices. On the other hand, there is skeptical postmodernism, where any formula for fairness and justice can be exploited into a routine of higher performativity, and render any postmod prescription into a modernist command and control tool. This is why postmods avoid solutions.
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of or relating to postmodernism; "postmodernist architecture"