Definitions for "Ppn"
Preferred Provider Network. Health care providers participating with CMDP to provide covered services to CMDP members. PPN providers have fewer prior authorization requirements than non-PPN providers and clean claims are paid promptly.
Preferred Provider Network. A network of hospitals and physicians who have agreed to participate with a health insurance company, usually for discounted rates.
Preferred Provider Network. A group of civilian practitioners organized by a TRICARE contractor to supplement military direct care in TRICARE Prime and Extra. PPN providers offer discounts for TRICARE participants, and file patients' claims. PPN members must meet the same professional standards as MTF providers.
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Project Programmer Number. The equivalent of a user name on a DEC-10, it consisted of a pair of 18 bit octal numbers. Mine was 1000,6735.
The maximum number of processes for a job allowed on one node (computer).
Physical page number.
partial parenteral nutrition. see parenteral nutrition.
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not oriented polypropylene
Perkins Promissory Note - A document that the borrower must sign before a Perkins loan is disbursed stating that the borrower will repay the loan and legally binds the student to terms and conditions of the loan.