Definitions for "Pre-Registration"
This occurs about half was through Spring semester to allow students to sign-up in advance for courses they will take the following year. The process is completed during registration at the beginning of the next semester.
Process through which students select their courses to be taken during the next semester.
The process by which students select courses for a succeeding term in advance of the official opening date of the semester.
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(1) Necessary paperwork for event completed prior to arrival. (2) (Facility) Pre-assigned guest rooms available for occupancy.
A time to pick up race information before the actual race day. It usually occurs the day before the event. At really big races, pre-registration could be over a period of a couple of days leading up to the event. It is best to pick-up race information ahead of time, because race morning is chaos. There is only so much you can accomplish in the morning of the race. It is nice to get this out of the way.
an automated registry attempt at registering a specified domain name the moment the registry goes live
a request to register a domain name under a new TLD