Definitions for "Preventer"
Keywords:  boom, gybe, jibe, rigged, restrain
An auxiliary rope to strengthen a mast.
A rope added for the purpose of supporting or restraining
This is a safety line, rigged to back up a guy, or used, for example, to restrain a main boom forward so that it will not crash across the boat in the event of a gybe. It “prevents” the boom from crashing across the vessel.
Keywords:  blowout, shortened, form, see
n: shortened form of blowout preventer. See blowout preventer.
Keywords:  hinders, evils, obstructs, disease, one
One who prevents or obstructs; a hinderer; that which hinders; as, a preventer of evils or of disease.
One who goes before; one who forestalls or anticipates another.
Keywords:  asthma, occurrence, medicine
Medicine preventing occurrence of asthma.
Keywords:  extra, assist, rope, another
An extra rope, to assist another.