Definitions for "Proofreading"
Checking that grammar, syntax, and punctuation are correct, typos are nonexistent, and headers, page numbers, captions, etc., are accurate and consistent.
The careful reading of a final draft of written work to eliminate typographical errors and to correct errors in grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation. ( See also Editing, Revising, Writing process.)
Checking a manuscript for typographical errors. (Also see copy editing.)
The 3' - 5' exonuclease activity possessed by some DNA polymerases which enables the enzyme to replace a misincorporated nucleotide.
The 3'-5' exoenzyme activity of some DNA polymerases is also known as the 'proofreading ability' of the enzyme. This proof reading ability means that the polymerase can 'go back' and repair a mistake in nucleotide placement it has made. When highly accurate copying of a DNA sequence is desired, researchers may choose to use a polymerase with proofreading ability in their primer extension protocol.
Reading what you wrote to look for mistakes.