Definitions for "Stet"
Let it stand; -- a word used by proof readers to signify that something once erased, or marked for omission, is to remain.
To cause or direct to remain after having been marked for omission; to mark with the word stet, or with a series of dots below or beside the matter; as, the proof reader stetted a deled footnote.
"Let it stand." Proofreader's notation instructing the printer to ignore a change marked on a proof; from the Latin "stetundum".
Stet is a novel by the American author James Chapman; it was published by Fugue State Press in 2006.
STET is an intermittently published science fiction fanzine published by the married couple Leah Zeldes Smith and Dick Smith since the early 1990s. It has been nominated for the Hugo Award several times. Notable for the mimeograph reproduction and long lettercol of most issues, STET achieved its highest acclaim for the 2000 issue, a parody of The Old Farmer's Almanac full of extensive reference material on science fiction fandom.
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An early hatmaker, whose son was far better known.
It was written in early 2006 by Free Software Foundation (FSF) for a public consultation for the updating of the GNU General Public License - a free software licence which defined terms under which a large portion of free software could be distributed.
An entry on the roll in the nature of a judgment of a direction that all further proceedings shall be stayed. Suit is terminated by an act of the party, rather than by judgment
Common in Maryland, STET is "Put on the shelf." The setting aside of judgment or further proceedings of a case for a period of time pending certain specified conditions set forth by the judge.
The postponement of a trial by the court on a motion of the State’s Attorney and without objection from the defendant.