Definitions for "Proposer"
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A speaker; an orator.
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A word used by the European Commission to describe an organisation or project which is making an application in response to a 'call for proposals'.
Those entities or collection of firms that are considering or will actually submit a Statement of Qualifications. A “short-list” of no more than four Proposers will be determined by April, 2006.
A person or organisation responding to a call for proposal from the Commission. The resulting noun comes from the root verb 'to propose' by submitting a proposal
someone who advances a suggestion or proposal; "the suggester of this absurd strategy was a fool"
(parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion
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See Offeror.
The person applying to an insurance company for a policy.
This is the person or company who applies to take out insurance. Rate The price of insurance, usually expressed as the cost per unit of cover, e.g. £x per £100.
The proposer is the person who has a contract with the insurer that is providing cover. The proposer may or may not be the main driver.
a state or political subdivision of a state (city, county, etc
One who proposes or offers anything for consideration or adoption.