Definitions for "Insurance certificate"
Document giving details of insurance cover for a consignment. The certificate will cross-reference a master insurance policy and must be countersigned.
Generally used in marine (transport) insurance where an "open cover" is arranged for a period, with certificates for individual shipments
A certificate issued by the insurance underwriter giving details of a particular transaction which is held insured under an insurance policy.
Supplied by an exporter or freight forwarder to prove the goods to be exported are insured for transport.
Written evidence, supplied by the exporter or freight forwarder, that the exported goods are insured for transport. The certificate will cross-reference a master insurance policy.
Prepared by the exporter and his forwarder to indicate insurance of the goods against loss or damage.
Since the lessee does not 'own' the equipment until the lease conclusion, risk/casualty insurance will be provided by lessee for the benefit of lessor and lender (assignee).
For equipment based financing, you are required to obtain risk and casualty insurance for the equipment. The insurance certificate is proof that you have obtained this insurance.
Proof of an insurance contract.
Assures the consignee that insurance is provided to cover loss or damage to the cargo while in transit.
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The official insurance document given to you by the insurance company. You will need this in the event of a claim.