Definitions for "CERTIFICATE HOLDER"
1) The person, usually the employee, who represents the family unit covered by the dental benefit program; other family members are referred to as "dependents." 2) Generally refers to a subscriber of a traditional indemnity program. 3) In reference to the program for dependents of active-duty military personnel, the certificate holder is called the sponsor. (see Subscriber.)
See Holder, Certificate
The certificate holder is the insured person under a group plan.
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Manufacturer holding a valid certificate of conformity issued by EPA.
a client who wants to be named on the certificate of insurance to assure
A person or entity generally wishing to confirm directly that valid insurance is in force.
a person, company, corporation or association which has applied for, and been granted, a certificate of public necessity and convenience
An entity that is named as the subject of a certificate.
A person or electronic device that (a) is named or identified in a Certificate as its subject, and (b) holds a Private Key that corresponds to a Public Key listed in that Certificate. Typical subjects of Certificates are agents, employees, Customers or trading partners of Customers. (See Customer, Certificate, Public Key, Private Key.)
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The owner of record that actually owns the certificate (security).