Definitions for "Public good"
A product (or service) with benefits from which no-one can be excluded, no matter who pays for it. Use of a public good by one person does not diminish its availability of its benefits to others (e.g. national defence)
a good or service that has two characteristics: nonrivalry in consumption and nonexcludability.
A good (or a service) that will not be produced and delivered if we rely solely on the free market. These are called "public goods" by economists because they are consumed by the public, and their use cannot be restricted to the benefit of a single buyer or group of buyers. Economists call this characteristic "non-excludability." There is no way to produce a public good without producing a value to society at large. This in turn makes it all the more unlikely that an individual would pay out of his own pocket to see that the good is produced.
The improvement of quality of life through the provision of broad and open access to educational, artistic, and cultural opportunities. The focus of these oportunities is to foster more civil and responsible citizens and enhance the livabilty and prosperity of our communities.