Definitions for "Pud"
Planned unit development. A subdivision consisting of individually owned residential and/or commercial parcels or lots as well as areas owned in common.
Planned Unit Development. A type of ownership with privately owned lots and buildings, and jointly owned common areas and facilities.
a special use permitted under some zoning ordinances that allows a developer to deviate from construction on standard lots
Peptic ulcer disease. A stomach disorder marked by corrosion of the stomach lining due to the acid in the digestive juices.
Peptic ulcer disease. The movement or capacity for movement of an organism or body organ. Indigestion is sometimes caused by abnormal patterns in the motility of the stomach.
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Slang for the handle the jumper grabs to pull the pilote chute into the air stream and initiate deployment of the main. It's usually located on the right bottom side of the container or leg strap.
Proved Undeveloped Reserves
Slang for the handle on a pull out pilot chute system. The Letter Q The Letter R RSL. Reserve static line. This is a line from the main risers to the reserve cable. In the event the main is cut away, it may pull the reserve pin. Note: this system is only effective in malfunctions where the main is at least partially deployed.
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Same as Pood.
The semi-mysterious, genitally- and anally-fixated accidental founder of the FC empire. Usually found obsessed with the topics of eBizness, drumming, sex, pooping and sex, pud is actually a nice guy in person. He recently amazed the FC faithful by acquiring a girlfriend not paid hourly.
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age pper irectory, note that puds are folded into pmds, except on systems with 4-levels page tables.
Abbreviation for Penis Uncircumcizing Device. It can take many forms, but the goal of the apparatus is to lengthen the foreskin or create a foreskin by stretching the skin of the penis.
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Russain measure of weight 36.11 pounds
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Three letter file extension of warcraft2 maps. Any map made for Warcraft2.
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Pud ("Perl Universal Daemon") is a stand-alone daemon, which allows you to perform file system related operations on a remote host.
(British) the dessert course of a meal (`pud' is used informally)
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Pick up and delivery service.
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Slang for penis.
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The hand; the first.