Definitions for "Redevelopment"
the rebuilding of an urban area, usually a commercial district but sometimes residential or industrial, and typically involving some portion of government involvement and expenditure; to organize a municipal redevelopment agency.
The process of developing land which is, or has been, developed.
Renovation of a previously developed parcel of land or building site in order to allow a new or more-viable use or uses to replace the previous land use. These sites typically are found in urban areas that previously had experienced economic and physical deterioration, but that now are the focus of renewal efforts. Also an official government process that relies on "tax exempt" financing for rebuilding or rehabilitating "blighted" areas of cities.
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The conversion of a building or project from an old use to a new one. Examples are the conversions of old warehouses to bars or coffee shops or converting an old industrial complex into a shopping center like the Quarry Market in San Antonio. It is also known as Adaptive Reuse.
Reinvestment in older elements of a region --- a historic structure, long-time residential community, brownfield, shopping center or main street --- offers an opportunity to revitalize communities while preserving social and environmental values.
The process of upgrading existing properties to make them more upscale and generate higher rents. Essex's redevelopment program focuses on the features that create the most value, such as "like-new" interiors, garages, exercise facilities and modern leasing facilities.
Projects built in neighborhoods where infrastructure already exists.