Definitions for "Puffing"
A statement of belief not meant as fact; a seller's extravagant statements to enhance his wares and induce others to buy the product. Salesmanship talk, characterized as puffing, cannot be the basis of a charge of fraud or express warranty, since the buyer is said to have no right to rely on sales talk.
A statement of opinion given in a sale. Not a warranty.
Exaggerated comments or opinions regarding the value of a property.
blowing tobacco smoke out into the air; "they smoked up the room with their ceaseless puffing"
Puffing is a technique to bring smoke (usually tobacco) into the mouth cavity. One hereby produces a negative pressure, so that the smoke arrives at the mucous membranes and to the taste receptors. In this way, nicotine is absorbed, and the flavors in the tar particles can be tasted.
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an act of forcible exhalation
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Overstating the value of a property.
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breathing heavily
a. & n. from Puff, v. i. & t.