Definitions for "Pulsar "
A very fast-spinning and highly dense object that emits light, radio and/or X-rays in very tight beams, similar to a lighthouse.
A dense, rotating object in the universe that emits bursts (pulses) of radio waves.
A stellar source, such as a rotating single star or pair of stars, emitting electromagnetic radiation which is characterised by rapid frequency and regularity.
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Pulsar is a 1981 arcade game created by Sega/Gremlin. In it, the player controls a tank in a top-down view maze to fetch keys used to unlock the next level.
Pulsar is a POP3 email server with a configuration file, multiple authentication mechanisms , realms , TCP wrappers, and support for multiple mailspools in mbox and Maildir format.
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Pulsar was originally the brand established by Hamilton for the first digital watch. The brand is now owned by Seiko, and is positioned below Seiko, but above Lorus. Pulsar watches are most commonly analog.
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a bane to the existence of this type of player
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a quick drum beat
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Specialist Search Teams
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Refer to " What are Pulsars?"