Definitions for "Puncheon"
Keywords:  cask, litre, gallons, barrel, rum
A cask containing, sometimes 84, sometimes 120, gallons.
A standard 475 litre capacity barrel.
PICTURE: PANL, still from the film "Handling of Salted Codfish") (depicts a puncheon-like container or hogshead).] A large watertight barrel/cask used for storing various items such as molasses, rum, and pickled fish. Puncheons could be up to five feet in height and could hold anywhere from 44-140 gallons though in this century, ninety gallons was the average size. They were commonly used on the stage for any number of purposes. Often sawn in half to make two "puncheon tubs" which were used for washing fish in and sometimes for pickling fish, etc. A "butt" in some places was a puncheon sawn off at the three-quarter mark and used to salt fish as well. (See "butt.")
A short, upright piece of timber in framing; a short post; an intermediate stud.
A split log or heavy slab with the face smoothed; as, a floor made of puncheons.
( aka a bog bridge) - is a wooden walkway built to provide a stable, hardened treadway across bogs, mud flats, and marshy areas.
Keywords:  cutlers, goldsmiths, die, impart, queen
A figured stamp, die, or punch, used by goldsmiths, cutlers, etc.
A commonly used section of design that may be used on one or more different dies. For example the Queens head that is used on British coins is also used on Australian coins and it therefore would make sense to use a Punch to impart the same image of the Queen on the Australian used die instead of creating the Australian die from the start.
Short-span footbridges or a series of short-span footbridges supported by sleepers.