Definitions for "Purifier"
Device used to remove impurities from a gas or a liquid.
A machine used for a liquid-liquid separation in which the two intermixed liquids which are insoluble in each other have different specific gravities. Solids with specific gravities higher than those of the liquids can be separated off at the same time. A purifier bowl has two outlets; one for the light phase liquid and one for the heavy phase liquid.
A machine with one to three layers or ducts of sieves set in an oscillating frame. It employs the principle of' separation by size and density to separate a mixture or pure endosperm composite pieces of endosperm and bran and branny material from each other.
That which purifies, i.e. that which cleans up the toxins such as anger, ego, attachment, greed and excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures. That which helps in clearing up the barriers in the way of ongoing success in life. Verily, there is no purifier on earth equal to knowledge/awareness. A person who becomes perfect in yoga ( see the definition in glossary) finds it within himself/herself in the course of time. This knowledge, referred herein, is a combination of the intellectual and intuitive knowledge (Science and Self)as a purifier.
a device that cleans the air of viruses and microscopic organisms as well as dust and allergens
a large unit that usually stands beside the sink or under the counter and that is attached to the top or the side of the tap by a hose
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One who, or that which, purifies or cleanses; a cleanser; a refiner.