Definitions for "quid"
Keywords:  chewed, tobacco, chewable, cud, wad
A portion suitable to be chewed; a cud; as, a quid of tobacco.
To drop from the mouth, as food when partially chewed; -- said of horses.
pro quo something for something - nothing in life is free.
Slang for a British pound.
one pound - a note.
n. 1. One POUND. (money)
Keywords:  sovereign, english, coin
An English coin, a sovereign.
Keywords:  pence, britain, great, basic, equal
the basic unit of money in Great Britain; equal to 100 pence
Keywords:  farcical, slip, winning, mix, betting
a farcical mix up over a winning betting slip
Keywords:  cylinder, fresh, rolled, leaves
a rolled up cylinder of fresh leaves