Definitions for "R-Squared"
A correlation measurement showing the volatility(in %) of a portfolio's returns that can be explained by returns (i.e. movement) on the market portfolio (i.e. S&P 500).
Measure of the fluctuations in a mutual fund's value compared to fluctuations in its benchmark (such as the S&P 500 or other market ). If a portfolio performs exactly the same as its benchmark, its R-squared would be expressed as either 1.0 or 100; if there is no correlation in performance, the portfolio's R-squared would be 0. Large, highly diversified funds have high R-squared values. R-squared, along with alpha and beta, are key components of Modern Portfolio Theory. You can look up the R-squared value for a fund in the Vision Mutual Fund Center, and you can also use it as a mutual fund screening criterion. See also Sharpe ratio.
A statistic that is used in measuring investment risk or volatility with regards the degree to which a fund's past performance was affected by the returns of a specific market benchmark.