Definitions for "Ratios"
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The Front End Ratio is the proposed PITI (principle, interest, taxes, and insurance) divided by the borrower's qualifying income. The Back End Ratio is the proposed PITI plus monthly recurring debt divided by the qualifying income. FHA ratios are 29% to 41%, while most Conventional ratios are 33% to 38%. FHA, VA, and Conventional loans now have computer underwriting that does allow higher ratios depending on a variety of circumstances.
The ratios of a consumer's proposed monthly mortgage payment, and proposed overall monthly debt to his or her gross monthly income. These ratios must fall within specific ranges for specific types of mortgages.
How your total housing expenses compare to your total gross income; also, how your total housing expenses—plus all other debt—compares to your total gross income.
An amount of something you are supposed to have compared to an amount you do not have.
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A financial tool used to get a quick look certain aspects of a company.
A method of analysis used to make investment decisions.