Definitions for "Reëntry"
the act of entering again
An abnormal conduction pathway, either anterograde or retrograde, through which an electrical impulse repeatedly enters and exits. Reentry can cause ectopic contractions, premature atrial depolarizations, supraventricular tachycardias, ventricular tachycardias and other arrhythmias.
A second or new entry; as, a reëntry into public life.
A resuming or retaking possession of what one has lately foregone; -- applied especially to land; the entry by a lessor upon the premises leased, on failure of the tenant to pay rent or perform the covenants in the lease.
When the projected double returns to and reenters its physical counterpart at the end of any type of OBE. Also see: Reintegration.
An enrollment procedure for students who were previously enrolled at UW-Platteville, left for a time period, and wish to continue their studies.
The ability to have a new policy issued to continue coverage (based on company guidelines) after providing evidence of insurability.
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The descent into Earth's atmosphere from space.