Definitions for "Reference count"
The number of references an application has to a speech object.
An integer value used to keep track of a COM object. When an object is created, its reference count is set to one. Every time an interface is bound to the object, its reference count is incremented; when the interface connection is destroyed, the reference count is decremented. The object is destroyed when the reference count reaches zero. All interfaces to that object are then invalid.
The type attribute “Reference Count” indicates to the decoder the number of times the tags is referenced by other variables, its form is “C='n'” where 'n' is a number. This is used by PHP and is optional.
Keywords:  folders, even, view, project, list
A list of the items that reference another item. For example, a file may be shared by two project views on the same server (or even between folders in the same view) and, therefore, have two references to it.