Definitions for "Report Card"
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a tool to let IMBA members and mountain bikers know specifically where we're doing well and where access remains threatened
a tool to let IMBA members and mountain bikers know where we're doing well and where energy needs to be focused
a way of measuring access and targeting areas for improvement," said IMBA executive director Mike Van Abel
An accounting of the quality of services, compared among providers over time. The report card grades providers on predetermined, measurable quality and outcome indicators. Generally, consumers use report cards to choose a health plan or provider, while policy makers may use report card results to determine overall program effectiveness, efficiency, and financial stability.
A rating of performance in health services, grouped by general categories, as a school report card is divided into subjects with a grade for each subject. This kind of rating is used to help consumers to choose health care providers.
a company's presentation of their performance in specific areas about quality of care, patient access to services, patient satisfaction, and associated cost reductions or savings as a result of the overall program
Summary of student achievement, either formative or summative, describing student progress and development with respect to learner expectations, cognitive ability, and expected behavior.
A document that summarizes a community's indicators. Report cards are commonly issued annually to the community at large to provide feedback on progress.
a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment; "his father signed his report card"
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a permanent record that follows a child for the rest of his or her life
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a means of communication