Definitions for "Repositioning"
Moving the ship to a new cruising area for a new season. (i.e. Mediterranean in the summer to the Caribbean in the winter).
Typically, when a vessel moves from one seasonal cruise area to another i.e. from Alaska in the summer to the Caribbean in the winter. The movement (or segments of the movement) from, say, Vancouver to Ft. Lauderdale may be termed a "repositioning cruise."
Operation in turret press fabrication denoting the release of the workholders, movement of the X axis to a new position on the workpiece, and the regripping of the workpiece so that a sheet larger than the X axis table travel can be fabricated, all under computer numeric control.
The process of moving the excavator to the next position when excavating. As an operator is trenching and has excavated up to the point where the machine is restricting his digging, the machine is moved back along the path of the intended trench. Repositioning with a compact excavator simply involves raising the blade, activating the travel controls in the appropriate direction and lowering the blade to the ground.
the act of placing in a new position
The movement of empty containers to their next cargo loading point. According to IAS research, the average container is idle or undergoing empty repositioning for over 60% of its life span. IAS services help carriers reduce empty repositioning by providing them with alternatives such as interchange or triangulation through InterBox and Event Manager services.
an exercise in changing the perception in the mind of the consumer
The process of strategically changing the consumer perceptions surrounding a product or service.
The relamination of labels to a different location on the backing paper following die cutting.
A component of a strategy that modifies, changes, relocates, or reassigns human resources.