Definitions for "Restraints"
Restraints can vary from soft and gentle nylon ropes or silk ties through to police issue handcuffs, which much more in between. Many "handcuffs" are gentle on the restrained partner, being softly lined and made of leather or a similar material. Their use can be intensely erotic for both partners. Variations on the theme include ankle cuffs with metal "spreader bars" (use your imagination!).
Any device used to limit movement (ie. wrist or ankle cuffs) or reduce sensory awareness (blindfolds). Often used in S&M or bondage. Silicone An expensive, quality material used to make high-end toys.
cuffs, usually made of leather, that close around wrists and ankles and also, sometimes, around thighs, waist, etc.
One of the perils covered by the former plain form of marine policy was "arrest, restraints and detainments of all Kings, princes, and people". By the Marine Insurance Act 1906, First Schedule, rule 10, the term refers to political and executive acts, and does not include a loss caused by riot or by ordinary judicial process. An embargo is a restraint, but the anticipation of an embargo is not. "People" means the governing power, not the mob.
are any mechanical, physical, chemical, environmental or other method used to inhibit, limit or control an individual's behaviour or activity.
protective devices used to limit physical activity of the client or a part of the client’s body
Limitations; holding back from action.
Monitoring and restricting activities of patient for safety.
Devices used to ensure safety by restricting and controlling a person’s movement. Many facilities are “restraint free” or use alternative methods to help modify behavior.
assembly of two elements avoiding any relative rotation between them, the bending moment a restraint element being transmitted completely to the other.
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Seat belts that hold the child or the car seat in place.
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Bondage devices.