Definitions for "Roll Out"
A kill shot that hits the front wall so close to the floor that it rolls back into the court rather than bouncing.
The total loss of rotational energy of a bowling ball on the backends, resulting in a flat hit.
The term used when the ball has lost energy or is hitting the pins with no force.
usually referring to the quarterback 'rolling' out around the end either for a pass or a run. The Roll Out is designed to create a mismatch in an area like the flat, or to avoid extensive pressure from the interior of the line of scrimmage. An [Example] can be seen in the Roll Out Option Pass Play.
The action of the quarterback as he moves across the backfield area towards the sideline as he prepares to pass. This is the alternative to the straight drop back before passing.
when a quarterback runs parallel to the line, looking for a receiver.
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to flatten and spread dough with a rolling pin.
flatten or spread with a roller; "roll out the paper"
To lightly roll dough with rolling pin to required thickness as per recipe.
the stage of an infomercial media campaign where it has been determined (from the media test) that the infomercial is a success and now time for regional or nationwide distribution. A roll-out can mean buying up to $2 million of media per month with telecasts in nearly all 211 TV markets. Typically this maximum media spending level is reached through a gradual expansion over 2 to 4 months.
The process of launching a mailing campaign upon completion of promotion development, printing, selection of audiences, testing and acquisition of lists.
Roll Out was a failed sitcom that aired Friday evenings on CBS during the 1973-1974 television season. It was the network's effort to cash in on the success of M*A*S*H by putting out another Army comedy. Instead of Army medics, Roll Out highlighted the pratfalls of Army supply drivers.
To estimate the equity of a position by collecting the results of playing it out many times using different random dice rolls.
To observe the possibilities of a move by playing it over and over again. To estimate a position's equity as determined by a computer simulation.
To analyze a position by repeatedly playing it to a later point in the game using different dice rolls. To estimate the equity of a position by playing to completion the same position many times using different random dice rolls and averaging the results (often using a computer). Such an estimate is called a roll out.
refers to the publication of a schedule or timetable for a series of related activities.
1. v. To deliver or announce a product or series of products or to make a series of announcements on a given issue or topic. 2. n. The event or events at which such an announcement is made.
Turning over and over to leave the body in an astral projection.
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A ball that stops curving and begins to go straight.
See dead ball.